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d1pped1ngold asked: hi! so i have 2 close friends who have low self esteem. i really wanna help them to become confident and love themselves but i dont know how. will you please help me? thanks!

Hey there <3

Tell them how much you love them and how much they mean to you.

Keep reminding them of how proud you are of them, where they are right now and that you are proud that they fought so much.
Tell them how great they are and compliment them on their strengths.

Help them keeping the hope, be hope to them. :)

Stay Strong as well, what you’re doing is amazing!

- Josi <3

Anonymous asked: How do you appreciate things in life? :)

Hey there <3

Well, I guess you just do it :b

There a lot of things in life to appreciate and we always should do so because these things are things that keep us going and that keep us doing what we want to do. It’s the things that keep make us smile. It’s the things that we love and the things that simply give us hope which is why we should appreciate them. Be thankful that you have those things and most importantly:
If you feel bad, if you feel uncomfortable or sad and unhappy, keep those things in your mind and remember them.

Life gives us so many great things. Friends, family, nature, seas, flowers, trees, seasons, tv series, people that inspire us, animals, pets, guitars, music, food.. there are so many things that we should appreciate and so many things that give us hope and keep us going and we should always remember this! :)

Stay Strong!

- Josi <3

Anonymous asked: my friend just came from Slovakia (exchange) and I want to give her something but I don't know what, can you help me? thanks xxx

Hey there <3

I think something personal would be the best thing!
Something that reminds her of your friendship or some good memories and something that welcomes her home, like a little photo book or a notebook that you shaped :)

Hope you find the right thing. Keep it personal! :)

- Josi <3


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